The New Normal Q & A Session


Coming up on October 1st, Pastor Debbi and I are going to be hosting a Q & A session on parenting, families, and the church during our Sunday morning teaching time.  Here are some of the questions we are potentially going to deal with.  

How do I teach my kids to pray?

How do I protect my kids on their devices such as iPad, iPhone, tablet, and computer?

Is it appropriate for my kids to watch certain movies that are PG-13 or R-rated if I watch it with them?

Do you regulate how much screen time your kids get?

Should parents avoid arguing in front of their children?

Why is important for my kids to be involved in children’s ministry or student ministry?

Should I try to get my college student involved in small group?

My college student lives in another town, how do I get them to go to church?

How to deal with an aggressive teenage son or daughter?

What do I do with my child, they cuss a lot?

How do I get my child to stop talking back?

My mother doesn’t agree with the way I raise my kids, what do I do?

My child’s father isn’t in the picture, how do I get other male influences in their life?

I am helping raise my grandchildren, it is very difficult to say, “No.” How do I deal with being a second parental figure? Can I discipline my grandchild?

My kids want to play several sports, should we let our children play a sport during every season?

Is there a point where we are craming down our kid's throat too much Christianity and they just rebel?