10 Podcasts I listen to Every Week

Since 2010, when I discovered podcasts, I have probably listened to hundreds maybe even thousands of podcasts.  It has become a hobby and now I listen to audiobooks.  I have found that I learn and process better when I listen to things.  It takes me way less time than trying read and I absorb the material from a podcast or audiobook much better.  Over the last 8 years, I've listened to podcast from all kinds of people.  I mostly listen to Pastors and leadership stuff.  Within the last year and half, I've discovered a few other podcasts that have rounded out my listening selection.  Here is a list of the top 10 podcasts I listen to every week and a few others I would recommend.  I'll go backwards in order and give a few honorable mentions up front. 

Honorable mention #1: Food Stuff
Honorable mention #2: Crooked Conversations
Honorable mention #3: Perry Noble Leadership Podcast
Honorable mention #4: Steven Furtick Elevation Church Podcast

10. Passion City Church /Louie Giglio - I am pretty new to this one but I love his books, so I thought I'd give it a shot.  This has a duel benefit. If you like Louie great but you also get a lot of guest speakers that come to speak at Passion Conference. It is worth listening to. 

9. Connexus Church/ Carey Nieuwhof - I've been listening to his leadership stuff but just recently subscribed to his messages because of a series called The Problem of God. This series is incredible and I plan to listen to many more from him.   

8. Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast - This probably would have been higher on my list but they only release one episode a month. Every episode is pure gold and if you are a leader in any kind of business, church, volunteer organization, or whatever you should listen to this stuff. 

7.  The Meeting House/ Bruxy Cavey - This crazy Canadian pastor with his wild hair and laidback demeanor always impresses me with his incredible knowledge of scripture and theology.  He is truly a "deep" preacher/teacher.  If you want to become a smarter more challenged Christian listen to him.  

6. Northpoint Church /Andy Stanley - He is one of the best preachers of our time.  I've heard people beat him up because he is very topical and doesn't get that deep with the scriptures but I am not sure that there is a more practical preacher out there.  You will never listen to a message from Andy Stanley and not know what to do with the information you just heard.  

5.  Pro Church Podcast / Brady Shearer -  This guy has changed my life.  He has recently gone to daily content and I can barely keep up.  He is 26 years old and knows more about church culture, marketing, advertising, social media, and videography than most people learn in a lifetime. If you are a pastor and you don't subscribe to this podcast you are missing out on life-changing information. 

4. Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast - Probably my favorite leadership podcast right now.  He hosts different guests for every episode and it is like sitting down with him at a coffee shop.  

3. Stuff You Should Know (SYSK) - This is the only non-church or non-leadership podcast that made it in my top 10.  I listen to them every week and they have over a thousand episodes now.  You could literally listen for days and never run out of material. They cover a wide range of topics.  They talk about anything from the Big Bang Theory to the Manson Family.  It could be an episode on brain injuries or how hoarding works.

2. Levi Lusko / Fresh Life Church - This guy has rapidly become one of my favorites.  His illustrations, amazing skills as a wordsmith, and inspiring stories get me every time I listen.  His books are incredible, his personal testimony is unlike any I've heard before, and he continues to challenge me as I listen each week.  I highly recommend this podcast.  As a church worship team they just released an album too.  That album has been on repeat for me and my kids. We actually sang their song The Whole Time this past Sunday at church.    

1. Perry Noble - When he was at New Spring I listened every single week without fail but he is no longer there. That is why I still list him as number 1. His stuff is posted on Facebook now, which I don't find as easy to get to for my listening pleasure. However, I do believe that his new church 2nd Chance Church just launched a podcast so maybe I can get into that.    

There you go. That is my top 10 podcasts, plus a few others. 

I hope this inspires people to go check out these podcasts. They are all full of great material.  I'm sure I haven't even begun to scratch the surface of all the good ones out there.  It never hurts to learn and grow more.  Have a great day and weekend.  LOVE more and DO more for others. 





Photo by Alphacolor 13 on Unsplash