3 Ways to Increase Your Giving

A lot of times talking about giving is frowned upon. In fact, a long time ago I wrote a blog post (on an old blog page) about giving and I had more traffic on that one post than any other. It was the most viewed, criticized, and controversial post I had ever posted. I learned several things from that experience but one BIG LESSON was that people don’t like to talk about their money.

HERE is some GOOD NEWS… This post isn’t going to be about money at all.

I think we can increase our giving in three ways by doing stuff that has nothing to do with money.

Way to increase your giving #1: START SERVING.

You should consider serving at church, in the community, or at your kid’s school. Serving is one of the fundamental teachings of Jesus. It is a great way for us to show the love of Christ to people inside and outside of the church.

Way to increase your giving #2: INVEST IN SOMEONE.

It is important for us as Christians and even non-Christians to take time to invest in someone else. We are hardwired with a need to have someone pouring into us and we must pour into someone else. This is true in leadership, business, and even faith. In the church, we call this discipleship. You might even call it being mentored. Whatever you call it, it is important. FIND SOMEONE TO INVEST IN.

Way to increase your giving #3: USE YOUR GIFTS.

We all have God-given gifts and talents. We should use them to better other people and our world. Our talents are a big part of who we are and the difference we can make in the world. We shouldn’t let me sit idle or use them only for our own personal gain. We should use our gifts for the benefit of reaching lost people, loving people, helping others, and serving the church and community.

I encourage you to consider how you can give more in your life to benefit and reach others for Jesus. I believe greatly that once you start to be generous with your time, talents, relational investments, and service you won’t be able to help but to want to GIVE financially to serve and love others.

I hope you have a great day and don’t forget to LOVE MORE and DO MORE FOR OTHERS.