What Should I Preach On The Next Sunday I Preach?

Recently, I have been working on some upcoming sermon plans for a series we are starting on Sunday mornings in a few weeks.  The new series will be focused on families and our current title is FAMILY TAKEOVER.  The series will span several weeks breaking into 3 parts: 2 weeks on marriage, 2 weeks on parenting for the future, & I will finish up the series with 2 weeks on the value of reaching students.  My plan is to spend one week talking about why investing in children and youth is the best investment a church can make. I've have spent a lot of time praying about this and working on some ideas. So far, for my second week I am drawing a BLANK.  


Okay, not a complete blank.  I do have an idea. Recently, someone mentioned to me that when I preach on Sunday morning they would like to hear me preaching something that I would normally preach to students.  My idea has spawned from this suggestion.  I keep coming back to this question, what if I let students and adults vote on what they want to hear a sermon on?  So, I am putting together a poll of some of the best, most challenging, or interesting sermons I've done with Momentum Students and letting you pick.  Cast your vote below and I just might use your suggestions for my next sermon.  If you are really wanting to get creative pick other and write in your suggestion in the space below.  

Keep in mind this is just for fun and I'm trusting God is going to guide me in this like always.  However, I am truly interested in hearing from you. Please let me know what you think. 

Sermons: *
These sermons are single sermons from a sermon series and you can only pick one.