10 Things We Don't See In Ourselves Part 2

A few weeks ago, I posted the first "5 things that we often don't see in ourselves" list.   These are all traits that others see very clearly in us and we even can identify them in others but rarely notice them in our life.  If you missed the first five you can go back and read them here.  I am going to do my best to keep this short and simple. I think most of these speak for themselves. 

Let's jump into the PART 2: 

6) We can’t make or fear making decisions. 
7) We’ve lost our joy. 
8) We aren’t listening to counsel. 
9) We started to isolate from others:  
10) We are headed towards burnout

As I said, I think these are very self-explanatory.  I'm not going to say much here because I think that if you are struggling with things like lost joy, can't listen to counsel, isolation, and burnout you really need to consider seeing a counselor.  These are simple fixes and things that can be changed with a quick remedy.  

Let me breakdown just one area that I think I can speak on from this list: 

Not being able to make decisions is a classic struggle.

Have you ever been with someone that cannot make decisions? 

I have been guilty from time to time of having a hard time picking a place for lunch.  I get frustrated with this struggle within my own life.  It can be even more frustrating to work with someone or work for someone that can never make decisions.  If you have ever had to work for leader or with co-workers that can't make decisions it can be painful to watch.  

Slow decision making or indecisiveness can be really detrimental to growth, progress, and accomplishing the mission or vision of an organization or team.  In certain situations it can be best if you struggle to make decisions to delegate those to other team members or other leaders.  I have used this strategy before. 

Last year when we went on our missions trip, I let one of our leaders plan this trip.  She took care of basically everything. She made nearly every decision and it turned out amazing.  I couldn't have done it better.  She did the research, connected with the host church and all their volunteers, and other than getting an extra van for travel I didn't do much.  I love having team members I can trust to lead and make great decisions.  

However, in some cases you might have to be the one to make decisions.  In this situation, it can make your team go crazy if you cannot make a decision.  I love the suggestion give from Pastor Craig Groeschel from an episode on his leadership podcast.  I think this will help if you struggle making simple decisions. 

He suggest narrowing it down to two options, flip a coin, and make the decision before the coin hits the ground.  It isn't very scientific but the reality is most of the time we already know what we want.  We get caught up in the minutia and just cant make a decision.    

Sometimes in life, we just have to pull the trigger on a decision.  We can't sit back and wait for all of the information.  

You might not have all the answers.  You might not know every step. But you just might have to take a step.  

When you do I challenge you to be decisive.  Make the decision and stick with it.  Trust God to lead you and trust God to work in you and through you.  

Have a great weekend and as always LOVE MORE and DO MORE FOR OTHERS. 




Photo by Shoaib SR on Unsplash