Have you ever wanted to make a difference? 

Do you ever feel like you should do more to change your community? 

We have spent a significant amount of time recently talking about how we can become more about our city. (We refers to both Allison and I and our staff at church). As a family, we want to engage in reaching our city and making a difference by serving people in Muncie. This has also been a topic of discussion over and over again among the staff and others at MFC. 

It is my hope that we will be apart of and are creating a community that impacts our city.  I want my girls to learn how to serve others by serving alongside fellow Christians that want to change their world. 

Recently, I learned of an interesting way to draw attention to this cause and help encourage a for-the-city-mindset.  It is such simple and almost silly concept but it has been proven over and again to work for rallying attention around a city.  The concept is to use the #formuncie in every social media post related to your church, community activities, or really anything you do within your community; serving, shopping, going to parks or museums, or any other activity within your city.  

This type of campaign is simple and perhaps unnecessary.  I mean come on... can it really make a difference to use a hashtag? 

Can #formuncie make a difference in Muncie? 

No.  But neither can one person.  Neither can one church. BUT WE CAN START WORKING TO MOVE THE NEEDLE FORWARD. 

The purpose behind the #formuncie campaign is to simply draw positive attention around anything and everything great happening in the community. It brings a desire to get involved in the community and to make a difference.  It builds passion for serving.  It could draw attention to our faith community and the impact we are making within the city. 

It says that we have a community of believers who are FOR MUNCIE.  We want to make a difference here.  We don't exist to see what the city can give us or get from the citizens of this community.  We are here to give back to the city.  We want to be #formuncie.  

So we shop here...

We work here...

We support local business...

We are active in our city.   

Let me encourage you to be #formuncie.  I challenge you to find places to get involved in your community and to be a part of the many groups of people that make a difference.  

Have a great week friends.  LOVE MORE & DO MORE FOR OTHERS. 


Photo by Ivan Vranić on Unsplash