Overwhelmed Part 2: Write About It

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have a tendency to get overwhelmed.  This usually hits me at the strangest of times too.  I get overwhelmed during the summer when life should be great.  I can go outside, enjoy the sunshine and nature, and I can play with my kids.  YET, I get stressed.  

I think I get this from my dad because I worry about vacation, taking time off, getting all the work done that I have to do, and keeping things in order during such a busy season.  Summer for all of it's vacation time, it is a very busy time for me.  One of the ways, I help deal with this stress is to plan and organize my life. I write those projects, tasks, and needs down on a list and go through them line by line.  

Another way I deal with this stress is to write.  It helps me to journal my thoughts and my prayers.  I must admit that I am terrible about this any other time. However, it makes for a great recalibration tool when I am overwhelmed.  I am also very nerdy when it comes to picking out the pen and notepad I will write with.  I find just buying a new journal, planner, or organization tool therapeutic.  You should try it.  

If writing isn't your thing perhaps you could record voice memos on your phone.  The idea is simply to get the stress in your life out by communicating via writing or talking.  

Give this is a try. 

I hope this helps.  Look out for part 3 coming soon.  

Have a great day. Love MORE and do MORE for others.