Overwhelmed Part 3: Do Nothing

If you haven't read parts 1 and 2 of this series on being overwhelmed, I encourage you to go back and read them.   Let me preface this by saying these are simple tips on how I help deal with stress in my own life.  This is not a replacement for getting real professional help if that is needed.  If your stress has reached such a high level that you are unable to manage, I cannot recommend enough that you seek professional counseling from a licensed therapist or counselor.  

With that said this is my final tip on how to deal with stress.  When my life gets busy and I feel overwhelmed I have learned that sometimes what I really need to do is NOTHING. I need to REST. The Biblical practice of rest is so important to our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

There are times when we need to escape from work and people.  I need to get somewhere by myself and do NOTHING.  I like to sit on my porch and relax in my zero gravity chair, listen to music or a podcast, and relax.  I often fall asleep.  I turn off work, facebook, and all other distractions and just melt into my chair.  

Sometimes my NOTHING is going to play golf.  I know this is crazy but even though golf is one the most frustrating sports ever created, I can actually relax while hitting that little white ball around.  I don't think about other stuff I have to do, tasks that need to be done, or any of my stress. 

It is a perfect escape and that is what you need when you are stressed.  Perhaps for you, it is some other activity. Find what works for you.  

My recommendation to those of you feeling overwhelmed is to FIND your NOTHING.  What is that thing that will completely take you away from your stress? What is the activity or place that helps you relax and let go of your anxieties? 


As you do that activity or go to that place, pray and ask God to help take your anxieties from you.  Lay them at his feet.  

Another thing that goes with doing nothing, is that sometimes what we really need is to take a vacation or have extended days off.  It is important that we plan this into our schedule and consider our need for time off.  Working tirelessly without time off is very dangerous and actually makes us less productive.  TAKE TIME OFF. 

I hope this helps friends.  Enjoy your weekend.  

As always, Love MORE and DO MORE for others.