7 Great Instagram Accounts to Follow

If you haven’t noticed social media is kind of a big deal. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram have taken over. Depending on your age and interests one of these platforms might be more interesting to you than others. For me, I love Instagram. I can easily find myself getting lost in the scroll of my feed. I find this platform exceedingly more appealing than Facebook or Twitter.

It has been my goal lately to find great content creators to follow on social media. The accounts I’ve listed below are people that I think are just killing it on Instagram. If you are at all into Instagram, you should go and follow these people.


This guy is a Youth Pastor in California and he has some of the greatest stories and posts on Instagram. He does an excellent job at creating short videos with a powerful spiritual challenge or principle.


SO, THIS ONE MIGHT BE A LITTLE BIASED. This is our own children’s ministry Instagram but Madison is doing an amazing job of using this platform to show what is going on at City Kids. Check this out, even if you don’t have a kid that attends City Kids. If you go to Muncie First Church, you should be following City Kids.

@careynieuwhof, @levilusko, & @perrynoble

These three pastors put out some of the best content on social media. They post a lot in stories and the content is always hopeful, inspiring, or a snapshot into their personal lives. I love following Carey Nieuwhof for his consistent post about barbecuing on the Big Green Egg and Perry Noble for the unique look into his personal life. Levi always has great recap posts from his sermons and challenging spiritual points.


I think one of the ways we as Christians can connect with our community is to be apart of the community. That means connecting with business, people, and organizations in our city. The Caffeinery is a local business in Muncie and they are awesome. The warm and inviting atmosphere they have created translates well into the pictures and posts of their Instagram feed. You should follow and support The Caffeinery on social media and by going to the shop to buy some coffee.

@johnbcrist, @jonacuff

These two guys produce some hilarious content. They both have incredibly comedic content and their stories also invite you into their world. If you are looking for something to laugh about or to connect with on an “it’s funny because it’s true” level than go follow these guys. I find honest comedy to be the best and they both capture this in a very unique way.

I hope you are having a great week so far and that this post helps bring some encouragement, laughter, and joy to your life. Social media can and should be used to lift up our lives. I encourage you to find people to follow challenge you, encourage you and build you up.

Have a great week. Love More and Do More for others.

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash