If you would like to volunteer or be a coordinator in any area of Our Journey Women's Ministry please fill out this form below.  

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Coordinate communications efforts so that the women of MFC are informed of events and opportunities. Liaise with MFC office and create opportunities for fundraising if necessary.
Connections and Fun
Create opportunities for the women to enjoy one another, to make connections and to disciple one another. Examples might include game nights, shopping trips, movie or dinner dates, etc.
Coordinate food efforts for special events, retreats and outreach events.
Personal and Family Connections
Coordinate opportunities for specific groups of women to gather. Examples include moms and children group, play dates, dates nights, marriage seminars, parenting workshops, etc.
Coordinate events, initiatives, or studies to develop the prayer lives of MFC women.
Service/Community Outreach
Coordinate service opportunities and community outreach events or initiatives to serve beyond the walls of MFC.
Special Events
Coordinate conferences, retreats, seasonal decorating, and other MFC or district events for women.
Special Interests
Coordinate skill-related events and other interest-related events. Examples include sew-a—thon, craft night, exercise, health and wellness, music, diversity or book clubs.
Spiritual Enrichment
Coordinate Bible studies, devotional activities, mentoring and connected-group-related initiatives.
We Care
Coordinate sunshine baskets to serve those with prolonged illness or our church family shut-ins.
Ladies' Music Ministry
Coordinate women’s worship band, special choir event, special soloists (singing and instruments) for special events.
Help with ideas and coordination of Women’s Ways of Worship events.